Are you Rave098 or LuckyFirefly

Thor-hater or Thor-loving person? Mischief or Thunder? Water or darkness? Scepter or Helmet? Which one? Blizzardstorm or Skyheart? Peterclaw or Dawsontail?

Who are you, me or Lueh? Rave098 or LuckyFirefly? Thor or Loki? Who are you? Can you even tell? Blizzardstorm or Skyheart? Ravenkit or Firekit? Which are you?

Created by: Rave098

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  1. How old are you?
  2. Blizzardstorm or Skyheart?
  3. Do you have any siblings?
  4. Ravenkit or Firekit?
  5. #DieThor or #MyHeroThor
  6. Loki's scepter or helmet?
  7. Peterclaw or Dawsontail?
  8. Rose or Prince
  9. Umbreon or Vaporeon? And, to Unloving, Umbreon is better than Eevee.
  10. KY or NY?

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Quiz topic: Am I Rave098 or LuckyFirefly