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  • 78%

    You are beautiful, and you know it! The best thing about you is that you're happy with your looks, but you still have an amazing personality! I know too many girls who put down other people just to feel better about themselves. You are not one of them! You are confident, beautiful, and sweet. See? I told you it was honest results!

    this was very accurate XD

  • It says im not pretty on the inside :( I literally dont even wear makeup or anything yet it says on the outside im pretty and inside not so much i literally get called like THE nicest person anyone knows this quiz is sad :( i never did nothing to deserve this! i dont believe that i should be not pretty on the inside but on the outside... to be honest, i think its the opposite...

  • I love your quiz! It was accurate and actually made me feel good about myself! Second accurate quiz in a row!

  • Good quiz, I enjoyed it! It was right, and most of these beauty quizzes aren't.

  • beautiful but i think i am ugly D: how did you know....

  • i liked this quiz but look at me in real life UGLY


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