Are you POON enough??

There are many people who think they can be a PooNsQUAd member... But we all know that it is a privellage and an honor to be accepted. A PooNsQUAd member has a creative mind and can dance like theres no tomorrow, and sometimes have other talents for example rapping.

Do you think you can become the next PooNsQUAd member? Do you want a prestigous image as you walk the face of the planet? Well thanks to this quiz you may be the 1 we're looking for... only 1 way to find out!

Created by: PoonSquad of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you seen PooNsQUAD perform or jus' act a fool?? (wild out)
  2. Can you dance and/or rap(freestyle)??
  3. Are you ATTRACTIVE to the otha sex?? [ please be honest!]
  4. Are you easily embarrassed or get stage fright??
  5. Are you creative with your talent, as in its not what every1 else is doin'(you can bring ur own flava to the table)??
  6. Do you have a guaranteed way of transportation to meet up at da spot??( only members kno' what the spot is)
  7. Do you smoke/drink??
  8. Who's your favorite main member of PooNsQUAd??
  9. Jus' for our reassurance which of the followin can you wild out to?
  10. Now that you've reached the end how confident are you that you can be the next member?? (visit

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Quiz topic: Am I POON enough??