are you on the north or the south?

what's up? Animelover9 here!!I made this quiz so not only me but everybody can find out! I myself love the north. if I got it mixed up, sorry!!!!!!!!!

I have put a lot of effort in to this quiz!!!!!!! So are you ready to find out if you are on the loyal north side or the rebellious south side?? in just a few minutes we will find out!!

Created by: Animelover9

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  1. how do you feel about the north winning?
  2. how do you feel about the civil war?
  3. do you have a confederate flag on your car?
  4. do you like the north?
  5. how do you feel about the south losing?
  6. do you like Abraham lincon?
  7. almost done!
  8. did you have fun?
  9. last question!
  10. bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I on the north or the south?