Are you on the brink of insanity and homicide?

With the recent reports of depression or social bullying that leads to murder and suicide amongst the young people in particular, it's time to tell whether or not right now you could be one of those people who are on the brink of insanity and murder. So take notice of that and take this test to see if you are in danger.

This is by no means an accurate measure of you being sane or insane, but it does reveal something about you you might wanna take care of asap. It doesn't hurt to at least know where you stand right now right?

Created by: Kevin
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  1. Have you ever been depressed before to the point you wanted to hurt yourself?
  2. Have you ever been depressed before to the point you wanted to hurt someone else?
  3. Have you ever had a fantasy or dream of hurting or killing someone else before?
  4. Have you ever been so angry, you wanted to hurt or kill someone before?
  5. Do you own a Gun? If so, do you ever think or fantasize of using it against people?
  6. Were you ever bullied or pushed around by someone else? If so, how did you feel?
  7. Do you ever watch tv shows/movies or play video games with violence and fantasize or re-inact the violence you seen to real life?
  8. Is there anybody in this world you wish were dead?
  9. Would you say you're a "violent" person?
  10. Be honest, do you ever think you could ever kill someone?
  11. Lastly, Have you ever threatened or had thoughts of murder/suicide before?

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Quiz topic: Am I on the brink of insanity and homicide?