Are You Obnoxious?

You probably see obnoxious kids every day at school. The ones who talk and laugh loudly, who constantly brag about their achievements, who make up stories to sound cool.

Sometimes you may wonder if you're obnoxious but just don't know it. Are you modest or do you boast too much? Take this short, easy quiz and find out now!

Created by: Fallout3

  1. Do you brag often?
  2. Do you ever exaggerate your accomplishments to impress people?
  3. Do you ever try to talk louder than everyone else so people will listen you?
  4. Do you often interrupt people when they're speaking?
  5. Do you laugh at inappropriate times?
  6. Do you ever tell jokes louder than necessary in the hopes that people will think you're funny?
  7. Do you ever make weird noises just because you think it's funny?
  8. Do you often make rude, snide, or sarcastic remarks?
  9. Do you ever believe that you're better than everyone else?
  10. Do you roll your eyes?
  11. Do you criticize people, whether in your head or aloud?

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Quiz topic: Am I Obnoxious?