Are you Katniss31 or Rave098?

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Ok, are you more like me, Rave098, or her? *Points at Katniss31* . Who is the most like you? The Maker of this quiz or the taker of this quiz? Kat, or Rave?

I personally think you, *Points at Katniss*, are better off in there, *Points at Door labled 'For people more like Katniss31*, while I, *Points at self*, am better off in there, *Points at door labled 'For people more like Rave098'* .

Created by: Rave098

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok, how many dog do you have? (or the number closest to it)
  2. What number is closer to the number of BFF's you have in real life?
  3. For those of you who have accounts, what letter is closer to your username name? For the ones who don't, which is closer to you're real name?
  4. How many regular friends do you have?
  5. Which do you think you'll get?
  6. If you did a Warrior Cats love story, what would the title of the first one be?
  7. Do you know Rave098's real name?
  8. Do you know Katniss's real name?
  9. What is your profile picture usually, or what you want for it if you had an account?
  10. Which love result cats?
  11. Do you have any sisters?
  12. Final question... Jayfeather or Jayfeather?

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Quiz topic: Am I Katniss31 or Rave098?