Are you Justin Bieber's biggest fan?

Are you Justin Bieber's biggest fan? Find out by taking this quiz. Don't worry it is hard, but try your best. You may know more about this cute guy than you know.

Take this quiz over to become the Biggest Justin Bieber fan ever. Now to test your JB skills; are you his biggest fan. Will you end up his biggest fan ever?

Created by: Justin Bieber
  1. What is his brother and sister's names?
  2. How did Justin earn money to go on his first trip to Disney world?
  3. What is his step-dad's name?
  4. Is Justin an American citizin?
  5. Where was he born?
  6. What type of car did Usher give him for his sixtenth birthday?
  7. What are his two fav. colors?
  8. What is Justin's record label?
  9. What is Justin's dog's name?
  10. What is his fav. candy?

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Quiz topic: Am I Justin Bieber's biggest fan?