Are you in love with a gangsta?

this is ust to see where all you ladies are at? maybe you like gangsta's maybe you don't? take the test to see if you got a real one or a wanna be. you should already know though its just something to do when you got time.

I know you wonder why someone would even put this quiz on here but lets see how many people take it. you may not be the only one. in a few minutes you'll know if your man is or isnt a gangsta?

Created by: sasha

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Will he let you & your friends take his roll-out?
  2. when you call him & say " I LOVE YOU" his reponse is?
  3. Does he keep your hair & nails done?
  4. whats his car sittin on?
  5. Is he "ICED OUT"?
  6. When he smiles what do you see?
  7. Where is he when he isn't with you?
  8. Does he?
  9. Is he a?
  10. Are you his?
  11. Can you sleep when he isn't around?
  12. Will he buy you anything no matter what it cost?
  13. Your man was raised?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love with a gangsta?