Are you in love with a gangsta?

There are alot of girls who think they got a gangsta but he's a wanna be. This is to see if you need to keep him or dump him. There are lots of fun questions to answer. An many you would never even think about. But this is only a quiz. So have lots of fun with it and pass it on to your friends.

You may or may not be in love at all yet! This is just a little fun to see where your man stands. You may find he is a loser or the perfect man. GOOD LUCK!Hopefully he turns out to be the better man! If not burn rubber and don't look back. Change is a positive thing.

Created by: sasha

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  1. Are you in love with an?
  2. When he smiles what do you see?
  3. Does he always have new designer clothes(COOGI,D&G, etc.) & kicks(ice creams, newest JORDANS, etc.)?
  4. If he's not with you, where is he?
  5. Did you know he was the one?
  6. What's type of vehicle does he drive?
  7. What region of the USA is he from?
  8. How do you contact him?
  9. Does he pay for you to get a manicure & pedicure?
  10. Will you do anything for him?
  11. Would he buy you anything you asked for if he had the $?
  12. Are you his?
  13. Will he let you drive his vehicle?
  14. When you say "I LOVE YOU" at the end of a phone conversation?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love with a gangsta?