How gangster are you?

You wanna be a true gangsta.Than take this is the quiz for you to take.You wanna roll with the big dogs?Well find out here maybe if your gangsta enough you can chill with me and my crew.Well find out after you take my Gangster quiz. Hope you do good

So do you think what you have what it takes to be gangsta?Well then let's find out when you take this awesome quiz.You will be tested in knowledge, Strength and endurance.Are you going to become the next American Gangster?

Created by: Gangsta
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone mugs your wifes purse you?
  2. Someone gives you the wrong amount of change you?
  3. Someone kills your mom
  4. They steal your ranch dressing
  5. Some guy says you kids are ugly and stupid
  6. Some girl says that she beat up your girlfriend you?
  7. Someone says you are poor you?
  8. They say their phone is better than yours you?
  9. A girl says you have pretty eyes you say?
  10. You can be in the navy or the NFL which one do you chose?

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Quiz topic: How gangster am I?