Can you speak gangsta?

after listening to a rap song many people think that they can talk and act like a gangster, but the truth is that it takes a lot of work to be a gangster, and you have to learn whole new vocabulary and way of living, or you wont make it one day as a gangster. or without getting shot.

do you have what it takes to be a gangster? do you have enough street smarts to hold a conversation out in the urban jungle? take just 2 minutes and find out if you can really talk gangster

Created by: josh
  1. What is ice?
  2. What is a bobblehead?
  3. What is kryptonite?
  4. my niggas don't dance we just pull up our pants and ______?
  5. what does all black with 23's on mean?
  6. what is a grill?
  7. what is a glock?
  8. what does it mean if you are riding dirty?
  9. let me see you bounce right to left and_______
  10. in the song let your chain hang low, how low does he let his chain hang?
  11. what is a dime?

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Quiz topic: Can I speak gangsta?