Do you know the lyrics to my favorite songs?

This is a test to see how much you know my favorite songs. The songs are all R&B and Hip Hop type songs. So if you dont listen to that type of music, this quiz isnt for you.

Are you a gangsta like me? The higher you score on this test, the more gangsta you are. If you fail...well than obviously yor not a gangsta. I would get 100 on this.

Created by: Nicole
  1. Chris Brown-Forever. It's a long way down We so high off the ground __________an angel to bring me your heart
  2. Keyshia Cole-Heaven Sent. I wanna be the one you love I wanna be (sent from heaven) I wanna be the one you ____ I wanna be (sent from heaven) I wanna be the one you need I wanna be (sent from heaven)
  3. Lil Wayne-Phone Home. Phone Home Weezy And if you feel like _________ then go head do the weezy wee
  4. Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West- Put On. I let my ________ go I put on everybody that I knew from the go
  5. Chris Brown and Keri Hilson-Superhuman. You changed my whole life, ___________ you're doing to me with your love, I'm feeling all superhuman you did that to me
  6. No Matter What-T.I. They hate me more(so?) Yeah I know But here I go No matter what _____, here I go
  7. Lil Wayne and T Pain-Got Money If You Got money And you know it Take it out your pocket And ________________.
  8. Chris Brown-Take You Down. Let me take you down ________ take you down And show you what im about When I take you down.
  9. V.I.C.- Get Silly My shades too silly cuz they made by cavalli Jays so excited you can't find em lil buddy I'm not _________ but I'm wildin out clubbin Watchin everybody jockin while I'm poppin sumthin bubbly
  10. (Not one of my favs but oh well) Three 6 Mafia-Lolli Lolli Chocolate lolli _____ lolli 'nilla lolli Pink lolli Red hot

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics to my favorite songs?