are you gangsta a jock a nerd or emo

there are many people that think they are a jock or gangsta or emo or a nerd but this quiz will tell you what kind of person you really are and if you think your nerd you really shouldnt take this quiz!

after this quiz you will be amazed of what kind of real peron you truly are and this quiz will tell you that you are a nerd or a jock or a gangsta or emo anif your nery its not your fault well actually it really is so i hope you like the quiz!

Created by: joey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you usally do when your out of your house
  2. what do you do at home
  3. whats your favorite drink
  4. what your favorite movie
  5. whats your kind of car
  6. what do you do when you get your pay check
  7. what kind of thing do you drink out of
  8. are you getting upset taking this quiz
  9. do you have a myspace
  10. do you have a computer

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Quiz topic: Am I gangsta a jock a nerd or emo