Are You In Love?

There are many people in love that don't even know it. Being in love, after all, is an amazing thing. What is being in love it is an awesome feeling you can't escape and who would... Although you might feel as if you can't be loved but it's possible for everyone so be open minded...

Are you in love? Do you have that special feeling for that special person? Until now you could only guess, but now you have my opinion too?I hope this quiz works out for you and I'm sorry if you aren't pleased with your answer but anyways this is just for fun so good luck!!!!!

Created by: calliehope2000
  1. Do you read the text you and crush have texted over and over again?
  2. Do you look at picture of them or their profile page?
  3. Do you wish you could keep talking to them when the conversation is over after you talk on the phone or just to each other in person?
  4. Do you walk slowly or feel funny when you think of them or are near them?
  5. Do you feel shy or try to be impressive when they are around?
  6. You smile when you hear their voice or when their around?
  7. When you hear certain songs on the radio you think of that special person?
  8. Would you do anything for them or do anything to make sure they don't get hurt?
  9. Do you ever stare at them, not being creepy, but just thinking about them and your feelings?
  10. Do you "accidentally" flirt with them when they're around?
  11. Have you been thinking of one person in particular the whole time you were talking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love?