Are you in love?

Thank you for taking this quiz. I hope you liked it. If you didn't sorry. If you did thanks. Have a good new years!!!!! Happy 2012!!!!bye remember to rate and comment

Bye!! I don't know what to write!!!! It's new years eve!!! So I probably have to leave. Were playing blind chicken!!! I think it's called like that!! Have a great 2012!!!!!

Created by: ICONiac16

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  1. Have you stared at him/her?
  2. Would you ask them out
  3. Why did you take this quiz
  4. Do you like them
  5. Do you like this quiz so far?
  6. Have you been near them enough to kiss them?
  7. What's you're fav. color?
  8. Who's older?
  9. Does he like you?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?