I'm gonna guess your underwear color...

What underwear color do you have on right now? Pink? White? Gray? Or maybe blue.

Okay, here goes, I'm gonna try to guess what color is lurking beneath that layer of denim or whatever you have on. I just got bored so I made this quiz.

Created by: random person

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. When it comes to clothes shopping, how is your mom like?
  3. Do you care about how you look like at home?
  4. Do you care about how you look like at school?
  5. Do you make sure your undies are not visible through your pants?
  6. If you said yes to question 7 then what type of pants do you have on?
  7. What color are your pants? (only for if you said yes to number 7)
  8. What is the thickness of your pants?
  9. How tight are your pants pressed to your skin?
  10. Do you like wearing matching pants and undies? If yes, what color are your pants?
  11. Do you want people to see through your pants?
  12. What crowd do you best fit in?
  13. Which type of underwear do you have most?
  14. Gender?
  15. Are you still into little kid stuff?
  16. Can you guess what my underwear color is?

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Quiz topic: I'm gonna guess my underwear color...