What Color Are You?

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Hello! Welcome to my quiz! Either you are taking this because you really do want to find out what color you are, or you are just bored. Either way,you are getting closer to finding out your inner color.

Are you green, pink, white, black, blue, red, or orange? Find out now with my "amazing" quiz! Your results will include an amazing anime illustration!

Created by: Cloe Bull
  1. First things first- Pick a food :3
  2. Pick a word to describe yourself :O
  3. Sometimes you are... :/
  4. Pick an animal :P
  5. Pick a word! 8)
  6. Pick a name! :?
  7. Pick a foreign word! :)
  8. Pick a god/goddess
  9. Pick Another Word! :D
  10. BYE!!!!

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Quiz topic: What Color am I?