Are You in Love?

You could like him... you could love him... you could care less. Find out with this quiz for the real answers! Here are good insults: abbadabba quean bimbo floozy

Here are some more random words I know: sesquepedalian shrew hussy boisterous malkin minx jezebel perturb abrade nettle zizzle unpalatable galling diphthong

Created by: tomboy9876

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  1. You feel shy around him.
  2. You want to smile when you hear his/her voice
  3. When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you. Just him/her.
  4. They're ALL you think about
  5. You always smile (or want to smile) when you're looking at them.
  6. You would do anything for them
  7. You would do anything to see them as long as it doesn't hurt you.
  8. While you were taking this quiz, how many people were on you're mind?
  9. You walk slower or faster to get next to him/her in the hallways
  10. If you're down, what do you think of to feel better?
  11. Do you think you're in love?

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Quiz topic: Am I in Love?