Are you in a good relationship?

This quiz is to find out whether your relationship with him is good, bad, or if he is a mama's boy that needs to be avoided and dumped at all costs so that you can be happy.

This quiz will tell you if you have a good relationship with him, if one of you (or both) is not interested in the other one, or if he is a mama's boy. If one of you isn't interested in the other, break up so you can find someone you're interested in.

Created by: Ariana McKellen

  1. Do they remember important dates (anniversaries, birthday, etc) and spend the day with you?
  2. Do you remember important days and celebrate with them?
  3. You two plan a date. Then his mom calls. Does he stick with the plans he has with you or go to his mommy?
  4. You want to see one movie and he wants to see a different one (that his mom wants to see). Which one do you see?
  5. Does the person know your favorite animal, color, and food and do you know theirs?
  6. If your in the hospital and a family member or friend of his wants his help with something non-urgent does he stay with you or go?
  7. Does he compare you to other women?
  8. You and one of his family members are in the hospital. Who does he visit?
  9. Does he love you and do you love him?
  10. Do you think you have a good relationship? Do they?

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Quiz topic: Am I in a good relationship?