Are you heterosexual?

Yes, it's true: some of us were just born hetero. Are you one? You probably already know and don't need some quiz to tell you the answer. But quizes are fun, right?

And even if you are hetero, don't despair: there's plenty of room in the world for us all. No one is better than another. We don't need to compete against each other. The world needs all kinds.

Created by: Meg
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  1. How many hair care products do you usually use each day?
  2. There's a new book out that you want. Where do you purchase it?
  3. The main newspaper in my area has articles which are of interest to me.
  4. Your best friend is having a baby. What is your response?
  5. Mervyns is having a sale. Do you go?
  6. You're having a party this weekend. You:
  7. Is heterosexuality immoral?
  8. Are you married?
  9. When is the last time you made love?
  10. How often does you love-making last an hour or more?
  11. What do you do on your second date?

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Quiz topic: Am I heterosexual?