Are You Two HLPs? (Hetero Sexual Life Parners)

Are you "in a relationship"? Dating? Romantically involved? Just friends? Or something else? This quiz will inform you how close you and your "other" are to being Heterosexual Life Partners!

Romantic friendships and heterosexual life partnerships are close, nonsexual friendships, frequently between the same sex. Are you and your SO HLP's?

Created by: Rin
  1. Do you consider yourself "close friends"?
  2. Are you of the same gender?
  3. Are you sexually attracted to their gender?
  4. Do you miss each other when you're apart?
  5. Have you ever "broken up" before?
  6. Are you ever jealous of their romantic/sexual partner(s)?
  7. (For guys) Ever get jokes about bromances? Joke about it yourself?
  8. How long have you been together?
  9. Have you ever spent the night at their house? (Or vice-versa)
  10. Are you ever mistaken for siblings or lovers?
  11. Do you try to coordinate your work and vacation schedules?
  12. Is it problematic when they develop other close relationships?
  13. Do you work together in work or on independent projects?
  14. Do you ever snuggle, hold hands, or other wise show affection physically?

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Quiz topic: Am I Two HLPs? (Hetero Sexual Life Parners)