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  • Well thanks I guess

    Stardust1 Aug 6 '17, 11:23AM
  • This is a fun quiz to play around with and experiment on other people too.

    Niggroy Apr 29 '16, 2:48AM
  • 80% :D

    Mereshlobber Apr 11 '16, 9:15PM
  • 80% :D

    Mereshlobber Apr 11 '16, 9:14PM
  • Got 78%

    Katherine888 Mar 6 '16, 2:00AM
  • 65%.

    ThatNotoriusKid Dec 7 '15, 2:55PM
  • I want to kill myself I'm that ugly!! I might?

    Mia101 Sep 16 '14, 7:29AM
  • Wat a stpd way to decide d im 55% btfl.nt bad na.

    Ankita rai Apr 30 '11, 5:04AM
  • 66%... whoa i thought i wud be like 43% or something.... niice quizz!!!!

    qweasdfzxcvb Jan 25 '09, 12:20PM
  • 72%... Better than I expected ;P

    SparklingFallenAngel Jan 25 '09, 4:36AM
  • 82%
    Quit saying these quizzes are stupid. If you don't like them, why take them? And hair colour (maybe not eye colour) does kinda effect how pretty you are. You've been saying, it's just the opinion of one person. Well that one person may not like blonds, or brunettes.

    Grini Dec 27 '08, 10:57AM
  • Well...even though I got 76% and it said I was a beautiful person...I still think that these kinds of quizes are stupid because for one this is based off of thier standards and those are just generic q's/a's...I wonder what they would think if they saw all of us that took this quiz in person

    beachgal708 Dec 9 '08, 7:10PM
  • thank u for the 68% thats ok of me

    softwarecp Nov 2 '08, 1:14AM
  • lol u guyz all believe this dosent really matter what u get because its not true even though i did get 99% :P

    nicole24680 Sep 19 '08, 3:52AM
  • Lol, 25%. Nice to know, hahaha!

    MystiqueBeauty16 Aug 4 '08, 12:27PM
  • 26% that sucks

    Samantha Aug 1 '08, 2:54AM
  • 95% eat it b----es

    cleopatra Jul 24 '08, 7:33PM
  • 79% awsome i'm beautiful! yes!

    camprocker Jun 30 '08, 11:59AM
  • You are 60% good looking!

    You are average good looking. You would not be considered beautiful, but you're definitely not ugly. If you don't think you can settle with average, remember, looks aren't everything. It's your personality that counts!

    Seriously? Have you ever seen me? lol. 7 stars

    Jay Mar 23 '08, 10:48PM
  • You are 74% good looking!

    You are one beautiful person! Congratualtions, you were born with a beautiful face and body! You know, you are considered lucky to be so pretty, you should use this gift for good!

    thanks man

    martin_bluck Mar 23 '08, 5:12PM
  • dude, ur all losers. why do u even listen to these quizzes? almost everyone on here is all excited 'cause they got 'bove 70. ur all stupid.

    FR34k_gmr Mar 17 '08, 3:20PM
  • 84%, good looking. Is this only by your standards, or good looking in general. The former i bet.

    Nyeb Feb 28 '08, 10:37PM

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