Are you good looking?

It seems as if almost all humans want to look really good. It's in our nature. We often do things to our body to form fake beauty, but few are naturally beautiful.

Are YOU good looking? Were you born with the genes to be considered beautiful, or looking good? You can find out easily in just a few minutes with this quiz!

Created by: Rose
  1. What color is your hair naturally?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. How would you describe your body?
  4. What color are your teeth
  5. Do you smile often?
  6. If you do smile often, does the smile reach your eyes? [In other words, do you smile by instinct or just to make others like you?]
  7. How often do you exercise? [sports count]
  8. Do you wear perfume/cologne, fancy jewelry, makeup, e.t.c?
  9. How many freckles do you have?
  10. Is your hair...

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Quiz topic: Am I good looking?