Are you really pretty?

You might bump into a person (male or female) and be gobsmacked by their beauty. But, most of the time, they would be packed with make-up. Only very rarely you meet someone who is naturally beautiful. Are you naturally beautiful?!

Are you pretty, stunning or average? Thanks to this quiz you will find out! But remember; inner-beauty is WAY more important than outer-beauty! Every one is beautiful

Created by: Crazy coco
  1. Do you brush your hair every morning before you go out?
  2. What type of clothes do you wear?
  3. Do you like getting dirty?
  4. Do all the boys fall for you?
  5. Are you usually told you are pretty by people outside your family?
  6. Do you put make-up on?!
  7. Do you worry about your appearance?
  8. How many washes do you take?
  9. Do you have pimples?
  10. Do you believe in inner or outer beauty?

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Quiz topic: Am I really pretty?