What Makes You Beautiful?

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Have you ever wondered what make's you beautiful? We are all special and wonderful in are own way. You probably know that the word "Beauty" is how you look and if you look good or not, But in reality beauty is much more then just looks, Beauty can be a person's personality or the way they act, To who they are and what make's them unique, A wholehearted sweetheart, And a intelligent person.

We are all beautiful in are own way's so don't let those negative thought's drown you in despair, Remember to be who YOU are! Find out what make's you beautiful inside as well by taking this quiz!

Created by: Bluelover

  1. What does the word beauty mean to you?
  2. How would you rate the way you feel about Yourself?(Be honest)!
  3. Do you compare yourself to other's looks?
  4. Hair color?
  5. Eye color?
  6. Do you care about the way you look?
  7. Do you care about what other's think of you?
  8. Social butterfly or quiet and non- social?
  9. Do you hate those beauty commercial with women that have perfect skin, hair, and are over sexual with so called "Sexy" and perfect body image?
  10. Last off , What is beauty?

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