are you good enough to be a prom queen

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a prom queen is not just being beautiful it is more than that you need to be confident , responsible, polite , friendly and a role model. It takes a true person to be a queen

This quiz is a journey that explores many questions to see if you are capable of being a good yet perfect prom queen!!!! Love and passion for what you do will get you far

Created by: nastaszah

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  1. what is the perfect prom dress
  2. how would you carry yourself as prom queen
  3. how would you enter
  4. How would you do your make up and hair
  5. prom queen is not only about being pretty it is also about ............
  6. how would you re act if you hear your name as prom queen
  7. what will be the most suitable food you will eat
  8. if you had to put something false what would it be
  9. how would you re act if you are not prom queen
  10. if you didnt have a date would you go to the prom

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Quiz topic: Am I good enough to be a prom queen