Are You an Old Queen?

Are you a Big Old Queen? Do you know someone who thinks that they are or aspires to being a Big Old Queen? Simply being a homosexual isn't enough to claim the highest (and harshest) title in homo royalty.

Are you a well adjusted homosexual man, or are you a Big Old Queen? Not so fast there Mr. Man, a limp wrist is no indicator of attitude, its whats inside (or lurks inside) that determines if you rule the roost or strut like a rooster.

Created by: Bert Wilson

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  1. Billy Baldwin was famous New York interior decorator who once said...
  2. Which is closet to the name of the man who cuts your hair?
  3. You are invited to an improptu brunch the morning after a grueling night out - Do you...
  4. You see your arch enemy while out on the town. Do you...
  5. Fill in the blank: ____________ makes a great accessory when placed by your front door.
  6. Complete the following: Children are best served....
  7. John Paulk,the former drag queen turned poster child for Exodus International turned personal Chef is...
  8. Singing in the rain is...
  9. Complete the following "I would like some French_________"
  10. If your life were a book, who would the author be who has scripted it thus far?
  11. Complete the following phrase: Crystal__________
  12. Complete the following name: Dudley __________
  13. Complete the following phrase "Before leaving the house, a lady always ..."

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Quiz topic: Am I an Old Queen?