Are you good at mythology?

So yeah, here I've got another quiz and I've got nothing to say. So just to take some space I'm going to be filling in a whole lot of nonsense. Yay Mythology.

Mythogy Yay! Who knows their mythology. I don't, but I bet you do. Sigh. What to write,what to write. This is so freaken hard when you've got nothing to write.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. Who defeated the Hydra?
  2. When did Christ teach the Beatitudes?
  3. Who's the moon goddes in greek mythology?
  4. Who commanded the greek forces in the war against 'Troy'?
  5. What was the only thing in Pandora's magic box after she opened it?
  6. What musical instrument was played by Apollo and invented by Hermes?
  7. Who is the god of marriage?
  8. Who was "The Force That Launched A Thousand Ships"?
  9. What is a Narcissist obesessed with?
  10. Who is the greek god of world and time?
  11. In greek mythology, what is the home of the blessed after death called?
  12. Who is the egyptian sun god?
  13. Name the mother of Pegasus,the winged horse in greek mythology
  14. One look from Medusa would turn people into what?
  15. Where is the home of Zeus,Apollo and Athena?
  16. Who is the father of the Norse gods?

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Quiz topic: Am I good at mythology?