Are You Going to Be Famous?

Their are people who spent years working on things just to be famous. But what they don't realise is that they are not made for this. People are born with difference when they die their will still be a difference. This test will make you know about yourselves it will help you to know your potential focus your talents and this will help you to be what you were always meant to be.

Are you ever going to be famous? Is the wall of fame open to you? Discover yourselves, for that is what is going to carry you to success and that is exactly what this test will help you to know.

Created by: asha
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  1. Are you having any serious mental disorders?
  2. Are you considered special in your school or college or office place or wherever?
  3. Have you ever had life changing experiences?
  4. Do u get depressed often?
  5. Do downs motivate you to go into great heights?
  6. Have you felt that people less talented than you get more credit than you?
  7. Has any reliable predictions ever made that you will be famous?
  8. Have you ever shown great talent on somethings you never knew you were good at?
  9. Are you extremely passionate about something?
  10. Do you have multiple skills?
  11. Are you ambitious?
  12. Do u consider yourselves lucky?

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Quiz topic: Am I Going to Be Famous?