Which Alien are You?

Do you think we are alone? I doubt it highly. In fact, there are several very famous aliens in the pop culture universe, each with their own identifying traits.

Do YOU ever feel like you're not an Earthling? Well, now you can take my quiz and see which famous extraterrestrial, good or bad, you're most like and maybe amaze yourself!

Created by: invisibleme
  1. You speak:
  2. Which planet are you from?
  3. You resemble:
  4. You are guilty of:
  5. What do you like to do?
  6. What's your favorite movie/tv series?
  7. What music do you like?
  8. You would probably say:
  9. Are you good?
  10. Pick a color.
  11. Who do you dislike the most?
  12. If you are asked to tell a secret, what happens?
  13. Pick someone to voice you in a movie.

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Quiz topic: Which Alien am I?