Are you going to be famous when you grow up?

O.k. it doesn't matter if you are famous or not! You still could CHANGE YOUR MIND and start working hard! believe in yourself! I made this quiz because it might be fun!

O.K all right the almost o.k. meaning to famous is "When someone works hard or made something that the whole world might think you will shine through their thoughts, you are famous!

Created by: James
  1. A new kid comes to town, they say he/she has a expensive item , what will you do?
  2. Will you think about being successful?
  3. What do you like to do? [Question for me to figure out this]
  5. Do you try to be a kid genius or invent something when your a kid?
  6. Do you think famous people pass away fast?
  7. Do you like to study?
  8. Do you think I should end this quiz?
  9. No, I didn't end this quiz
  10. Last question, do you think this quiz was good?

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Quiz topic: Am I going to be famous when you grow up?