Are You From Roswel NM

Roswell New Mexico is world famous. But why are we famous this quiz answers some of those questions that are just burning to be answered by brain drain quizzes like this

Beating this quiz makes you a Roswell Genius. You have to be proud of something. Certificates can be mailed for a fee of $49.99 and then be proudly displayed on your office wall

Created by: Ty
  1. Walmart was
  2. Area 51 is in Roswell NM
  3. CTR Stands For ?
  4. If you live on East Ballard, Hervey, Church or in that area
  5. The Best Burritos
  6. Street Lamps in Roswell are shaped like
  7. The World Famous Alien Festival is on over which Holiday Weekend
  8. The Roswell Aliens were a pro NFL team in the 60's
  9. Bottomless Lakes State Park has a lake that is bottomless
  10. Demi Moore is from Roswell NM

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Quiz topic: Am I From Roswel NM