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  • I'm gifted and I took this test and I got a 66%. um I don't think thats right!

    memesupreme Mar 13 '18, 7:20PM
  • You should see the Gifted kids at my school you wouldn't think they are gifted but they are i'm


    CodySimpsonLuv Feb 13 '12, 8:55PM
  • Whoa, Bambi you beat me, I'm only 155 or something!

    rebekahgilman Aug 5 '09, 5:23PM
  • i got 87% gifted!yay!cool

    Jessie105 Jul 28 '09, 9:23PM
  • I am like 20% gifted, but at least one bone in my body is special =)

    SpyroSteak Jul 26 '09, 12:39AM
  • hey BAMBI why dont you take a chill pill....... mkay
    i advise it

    anonymuskitylick Jul 24 '09, 8:57PM
  • This quiz sucks! I'm really gifted! I have an IQ of 179 for crying out loud!

    Bambi Jul 24 '09, 4:00PM
  • the quiz not really cool try my quiz the stuPiD quiz

    marty09 Jul 24 '09, 1:30PM
  • im in the smart people gifted program

    Cali100 Jul 23 '09, 3:34PM
  • i got like a 54%.. that sux i want to be a super hero .. wait is your test liek if your smart or if you can liek see into the future or something? cuz my mom can.. yeah she can.. thats cool.. and i wanna be a superhero.. so if its about being smart.. then cool but you suck when i think its about being a superhero..
    PS: LMAO to take a juice box and suck it thats funny ima right that to my friend right now on aim..
    PPS: you wanna be buddies :]

    anonymuskitylick Jul 23 '09, 2:58PM
  • Oh sorry forgot that I had abbreviated it here. I usually use "Eloquent Lunatic."

    E Lunatic Jul 22 '09, 2:03AM
  • Smart and crazy? Lulz. Look at mah name.

    E Lunatic Jul 22 '09, 2:02AM
  • wait a minute... it says that im only 64% but i took the gifted test and i passed so im taking the highest level of everything except skience which im taking the second highest of.
    i really am gifted like 99%!

    lgkavanagh Jul 21 '09, 3:31PM
  • 50%!

    Netto PP Jul 21 '09, 11:54AM
  • 61% whoo!

    allstar99 Jul 20 '09, 11:19PM
  • clinically insane i sure fit the bill

    12cwatki Jul 20 '09, 8:55PM

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