are you getting fat

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hey if you overwright its ok because of you can still do it but if your obese cool like me then to late have a paper job then in weeks you can be a sumo and if you are a sumo then congrats you don't care about sports and you can't do nothing to a girl

if your thin good job if your average good job average cool and if you carry on you maybe get entered in a sport match if your fat just lose 3 pounds and don't end up like a sumo

Created by: sonic
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. hi can you see your legs
  2. when you sit in a tight seat what happens?
  3. what would you do if you talk to a girl what would you plan in your head
  4. if your obese then what do you want to be in future
  5. if you had a sumo nickname what would it be {this will not effect the scores)
  6. your in cafe you sit down what do you do after sitting down in a tight seat
  7. can you hold you belly in
  8. for overwright obese and sumo only what does your belly cover up
  9. whats your dream job
  10. what happens to your jean when you put the same size on
  11. how big is your belly
  12. do you feel alright
  13. bonus question: what did you do through collage
  14. what do you look like
  15. did you like this quiz yes why
  16. no why
  17. are you ready
  18. whos a slim guy
  19. whos is average
  20. screw this whos fat,overwhight,obese and sumo size
  21. results ready

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Quiz topic: Am I getting fat