Are you smart or dumb?

Many people in society today consider themselves "smart". Well, I've created a quiz to see if you really are! If you score under 50%, then sucks to be you but if over, then I guess you weren't lying about being smart after all!

Well I'm out of ideas for this paragraph, so don't mind me while I speak my mind. Potato carrot onion fat noodles house rice sauce pasta sumo movie popcorn lalala

Created by: Simon
  1. What's 11x11?
  2. If you take 2 crackers away from 3, how many do you have?
  3. What colour do have when you mix an equal amount of red and blue together?
  4. Which answer is not a vegetable?
  5. What number comes after 0?
  6. How many eggs can you put in an empty basket?
  7. What's 2 x 4 x 5 x 8 x 56 x 94.512 x 0 x 1,034?
  8. How many is a bakers dozen?
  9. How many questions have I now asked? ( not including this one)
  10. Which is bigger, Canada or The U.S.?

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Quiz topic: Am I smart or dumb?