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this is a new quiz series that I will make every week you all can thank my 2 sister ILuvHolister for giving my the idea for this late last night where I will take and rate new and old quiz series

this is a new quizz series that I will make every week you all can thank my 2 sister ILuvHolister for this late last night if you would like your quiz to be in next weeks quiz leave a comment

Created by: mcqueen

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  1. middle school romance 1-3 by bookpony672 I give this quiz 6.5 stars I was goood until I got to the part about the uniforms and I didn't finish reading it but it looks promising
  2. hogwarts a love story part 1-3 by princess_demon I give it 10 stars I love it and always wonder when the next part is comming out
  3. are you a mermaid by shophia I give it 7 stars it was enjoyable I learned a few things but what grabed my attaion at the end was her randomness
  4. Love!!!! by my 2 sister ILuvHolister 11 stars this quiz made me fall in love for the first time ever some one give this girl a award
  5. L.O.V.E. ILuvHolister 1o stars I love it and can't wait for part 3
  6. hogwarts part 1- 15&3 quarters by my sister Hogwartslove I give it 10 stars it's great and always keeps me coming back for more whatch out they should make a movie out of these quizzes
  7. tonight tonight part 1-8 gets 10 stars I feel like im in the story the romance and the drama it's the perfect mixed along with some comedy
  8. mythical love story by firegirl88 gets ten stars it makes me fall in love with the charaters I wish they where real
  9. A myth story 1-3 by horseluver I give it 10 stars it makes my feel like I really know the guys can't wait for part 4
  10. snapshot of our love 1-3 by ivoryleaf I give it 11 stars it makes me wish trent was real so I can date him
  11. hogwarts love story 1-42 by natuhleegayle 11 stars it's amazing and I feel like it' real like a seconed life for me no lets convece her to make part 43
  12. thank you for taking my quiz if you want I will make one of these quizzes every week

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