How good and popular are your quizzes?

How good are the quizzes you make? Do people like them? Should your quizzes be in the top 100? Should they be in the very very tippy top TEEENNNN???!!!

By the way, this quiz is seeing how good the quizzes you make on GOTOQUIZ are. No other quizzes because all the questions apply to GOTOQUIZ quizzes!!!

Created by: EmraldYE
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  1. Do you swear on your quizzes?
  2. Do you use 'potty words' like poop or pee or diarrhea?
  3. When you make quizzes that sound like a multiple result quiz, do they turn out to have a percent as the result? Ex: title: What is your personality? result: Your personality is 34%
  4. Does anything in your quizzes insult people or use racism?
  5. Do you have any quizzes in the top 40?
  6. Do you have any quizzes in the top 40?
  7. What about quizzes 41 to 100?
  8. How long are your quizzes?
  9. What is the usual topics do you do?
  10. Do you give choices after a question that apply to EVERYONE and what they may be feeling/thinking.
  11. Do you ask if the person taking likes your quiz?
  12. Do you beg the people who are taking the quiz to rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How good and popular am Ir quizzes?