how do you judge a person?

many people THINK they are good at making friends. many people are WRONG! with fun questions and constructive criticism at the end, you may be more popular than b4!

how will you be rated? are you a good friend? how could you improve? find out in this fun and simple quiz! and remember these quizzes are just for fun, it is not always right.

Created by: elfie
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  1. how do you start off making friends?
  2. what would you most like to see in a person?
  3. your best friend decides to dye their hair. flourescent green. do you say "hot" or "not"?
  4. how would you describe yourself?
  5. how many friends would you say you have?
  6. what qualities must a person have to be friends with you?
  7. are there any negative qualities about you?
  8. what would you be seen reading?
  9. and finally... how would you rate yourself on friend making? (1 lowest, 6 highest.)
  10. how would you rate this quiz? i hope you get a good score!

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Quiz topic: How do I judge a person?