Are you one of a kind?

One of a kind a true peice of art unapreciated by the world who has set right and wrongs. Have you let culture and opinions mold you or have you remained a original peice of art?

So either your bord or think your a peice of work, well i'll judge that. Not that you should let anybody judge you that molds you! See if you break the mold!

Created by: unseen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. its raining, possibly hailing... and you have nothing to do... you:
  2. you got a prank call, the one where they ask you if your refidgerators running you say:
  3. Cell phones are:
  4. I normally watch: (your channel flip ones)
  5. you swear at least:
  6. the world is..
  7. I stand out in a crowd..
  8. Is your vocabulary jargon? (no looking that up)
  9. You listen to:
  10. well thats it farewell

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Quiz topic: Am I one of a kind?