Are You From The Hood?

There are many people from the HOOD, but few admit it. Can you be honest about your "GHETTOSOPHICALNESS"? Will you be the one to bring freaks back to the 'spot' when yo' mama leave?

Are you "HOOD" enough to say that you are from the "HOOD"? If not, pass this along. If so, sit down, pay attention and soak some of this "HOOD"ness up into your head.

Created by: Leon Pope
  1. If a person looks at you with a frown then nods their head, what are they doing?
  2. What is Cush?
  3. Where do you buy flip-flops with fake flowers on the toe?
  4. Where can you find White Air Force One's after Labor Day?
  5. If you next door neighbor drives a nice car has nice clothes and has company 20hrs throughout the day but no one ever sees her go to work in the morning, the she...
  6. If your child calls you out of your name, what do you do?
  7. If you leave the club with a woman and she passes out and does not wake up. What do you do?
  8. If you hear gunshots outside, you...
  9. if you have 3 Green Food Stamps, 2 Blue Food Stamps and 3 Brown Food Stamps. How much money do you have?
  10. If a group of old women whom you don't know knocks on your door, you...
  11. If you have a child in the hood your baby is more likely to...
  12. If your baby is light skinned and the mother is a darker skinned woman and you are a darker skinned male, chances are...

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Quiz topic: Am I From The Hood?