Are you too hood?

There are hoods all across the world, but what does being hood really mean? It means that everything about you in some way or another resembles a part of the hood.

So are you hood? Is everything you do related to the hood that you came from in some way. Well here's your chance to find out how hood you really are! And you won't have to guess any longer.

Created by: ashphanie of myspace
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  1. Have you ever eaten cereal out of a cup?
  2. Do you put your own cell phone number as a form of contact on your school information?
  3. Have you ever asked for a water cup at McDonalds and got sprite instead?
  4. Have you ever taken food out of a buffet restaurant?
  5. Do you call your grandma any of the following: Na Na, Madea, Mama...
  6. Have you ever had sex with your parents in the same house?
  7. Are any of your family members nicknames the same name repeated. Ex:Nu Nu, Tae Tae, Shay Shay
  8. Have you ever got into an argument over myspace?
  9. Have you ever had a fight with one of your boyfriend/girfriends family members?
  10. Have you ever went into a store and bought a 35 cent pack of gum to get change?
  11. Have all of these questions applied to you in some way?

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Quiz topic: Am I too hood?