are you flabby or fat

are you feeling flabby or fat? many people in the UK and america are overweight or obese but there are also many people who are unsure about their weight.

do you want to finaly find out wether your fat or not? sick of bmi calculators that dont work? if so use my quick and easy test and finaly sort out the matter of your weight

Created by: sarah

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  1. stand up and look down. what can you see?
  2. how many fat rolls do you have?
  3. how many meals do you eat a day?
  4. how many snacks do you have in the day?
  5. when does your fat jiggle(if you have any)
  6. press you finger into your belly. how much fat do you feel?
  7. how much do you weigh? in pounds.
  8. if you are a boy - how big are your man boobs? if you are a girl - how big are your breasts?
  9. do you eat a lot of sugary things?
  10. do you eat a lot of fast food?

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Quiz topic: Am I flabby or fat