Would People Like You For Your Belly?

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This Is A Test To See If People Like Your Belly And Probably Like You. Answer All The Questions How You Think And Finish To See Your Result! Being Flabby Isn't Too Bad.

People Like Your Belly Sometimes Because They Think It Looks Cute Or Nice. So This Will Test How Attractive You May Be On The Streets With Your Belly.

Created by: Spencer

  1. What Is Your Gender?
  2. How Would You Describe Your Belly?
  3. When Was The Last Time Somebody Said You Were Cute?
  4. When You Pass By Somebody, Do They Look At You?
  5. Do People Comment On Your Belly?
  6. When Was The Last Time Somebody Said Something Positive About Your Belly?
  7. When Was The Last Time Somebody Insulted You About Your Belly?
  8. To People Smile At You (Not Sarcastically) When You Walk By?
  9. Does Your Belly Jiggle? If So Is It Attracting?
  10. (Last Question) Do People Come Towards You When They See You?

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Quiz topic: Would People Like You For my Belly?