The belly fat test

There are some fat people in this world, and there are some extremely underweight people. You can take this belly quiz to see where your belly stands.

WORRIED? Don't worry, there are many recommendations once you finish the quiz to ensure you do the right thing. This quiz is specifically designed for that!

Created by: Fattie
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  1. First... the sitting questions : Sit down on a chair, relax your belly in front of your belt. How far does it come over your belt?
  2. Keep on sitting on the chair. Lean down till your back is horizontal. Try to grab handfuls of your belly. How many can you grab?
  3. Keep sitting and measure your belly (inches) around the biggest part of your belly. How fat is it? Round it up.
  4. Keep sitting. Lean forward How many rolls do you have?
  5. where do the rolls crease?
  6. Now sit down on the floor cross legged. Lean forward... how many rolls do you have?
  7. Are they tiny rolls or huge rolls?
  8. Now stand up. Do you have a belly overhang?
  9. Measure your belly in inches standing up.
  10. Do you have moobs or boobs?

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