How big is your belly?

There are many different sizes of belly, you see all of them all the time. Pregnant belly, beer belly, bloated belly, flabby belly, there is a lot too name.

Ever wondered what your belly size was? Do you have a flat belly, or a huge round beer gut? By taking this probably-inaccurate test, you can find out for yourself!

Created by: Andrew
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  1. Look down and lift up your shirt. What do you see?
  2. How far can you bend over?
  3. Put on a t-shirt a size or two too small. how far does it ride up?
  4. If people commented on your belly, what would they probably say?
  5. How much do you eat at breakfast?
  6. How much do you eat at lunch?
  7. How much do you eat at dinner?
  8. Do you excersise?
  9. How often do you consume fast food?
  10. What do you like to drink?

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Quiz topic: How big is my belly?