Are you fat or not?

There are lots of overweight people so dont feel bad!

Thnx for taking my quiz

Created by: mizzquizz

  1. Are you overweight... even a pound
  2. You just had a horrible break up. You go for...
  3. A daily meal is:
  4. You just went to the doctors. He said you are 30 pounds overweight and if you jeep it up you'll develop diabetes... You later go to a party with some friends... they're all eating extra cheese pizza, pepsi, and buffalo wings. There's a salad near with all of your most hated foods in it. All your friends say don't be a debby downer and eat some of their foods you...
  5. (FOR QUESTIONS 7-9)Put the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word: YUMMY
  6. WATER
  7. pepsi/coke
  8. I think am fat because my ________.
  9. The best way to lose weight is...
  10. The healthiest food you eat is...

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Quiz topic: Am I fat or not?