Am i fat Quiz ???

Have you ever wondered how fat you are or wether your fat at all? Nowadays there are streets full of fatties and obease people dont get that big use this quiz to make sure youll never be one of those people.`

Thanks to this great quiz you can find out if you are Skinny,Slightly Underweight,Just Right,At risk of being Overweight and finally a Fattie !!!! Good luck

Created by: zombie
  1. Stand up, What do you see?
  2. Whats your fav drink?
  3. How much do you weigh? ( In Pounds )
  4. How many meals do you eat a day?
  5. How many snacks do you eat a day?
  6. On a train how many seats would you take up?
  7. Whats you fav thing to read?
  8. Do you think you fat?
  9. Your FAT FAT FAT FAT !!!!
  10. Do you feel good in a swimsuit?

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