How much do you know me?

hi my name is taco i sometimes eat chicken but thats okay because I like turtles n has taken your quiz, so what you enter is sort of a conclusion so anyways

First, corn is a starchy vegetable, and like other starchy vegetables (potatoes, peas) it contains fiber"”in this case 4 grams per 1 cup of kernels, which is about 1 large ear. Eating enough fiber is important for helping to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Research also suggests that consuming fiber-rich foods might boost weight loss by helping you to feel fuller after you eat.

Created by: bobthecorndog
  1. (EASY) What is my favorite color?
  2. (EASY) My brothers name is?
  3. (EASY) What is my favorite thing to do on the internet?
  4. (EASY) What is my favorite kind of music?
  5. (EASY) What color is my hair?
  6. (EASY) Do I like toast?
  7. (EASY) Am I a potato?
  8. (EASY) DO I listen to one Direction?
  9. (EASY) Do I have a dog?
  10. (EASY)Do I eat babies?
  11. (Medium) Favorite animal
  12. (Medium)Favorite type of food?
  13. (Medium) Favorite movie genre?
  14. (Medium)I consider myself a...
  15. (Medium) Whats my favorite youtuber?
  16. (Medium) Favorite Gaming Youtuber?
  17. (Medium) Favorite subject?
  18. (Medium) I cant stand...
  19. (Medium) What convention do i want to go to?
  20. (Medium) Favorite book?
  21. (Hard) Favorite band?
  22. (Hard) Favorite Country artist?
  23. Favorite Pop artist?
  24. (Hard) Favorite K-Pop band?
  25. (Hard) Do I like role playing games?
  26. (Hard) Favorite Evanescence song?
  27. (Hard) Would i give up our friendship for a million dollars?
  28. (Hard) Worst trend ever?
  29. (Hard) favorite video game?
  30. (Hard)Where do I want to live?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?