Are you Obese, Fat Or just right?

Many people ask "Am I Fat?". This question has flown over The U.S.A. But many people do know that they are fat, Its just that they want to get rid of that fat.

Now YOU can know if YOU'RE fat Using This Quiz! This will help you know if you are fat, Overweight or Just plain old you! This is also open to people who are bored.

Created by: DudeDude101
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  1. When does your belly jiggle?
  2. How much weight have you put on?
  3. Do you think you are fat?
  4. You and your friends are at a fast foods place. Your friends say their full, so would you like to eat their leftover food?
  5. Look at the mirror. Look at your Belly, then Weigh yourself. How fat do you think you are now that you looked?
  6. Jiggle in front of a mirror. what "level" is your belly bouncing?
  7. Can you see your feet?
  8. Has anyone called you fat?
  9. What is a "Moo Moo"?
  10. We are Almost Done! Now for Bonus Question: What is...*Stops in mid-question*

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Quiz topic: Am I Obese, Fat Or just right?